October 19, 2010

  • Blogging up a Storm! :)

    PLEASE come visit my NEW BLOG:  www.lullabiesandlipstick.blogspot.com  ---  I LOVE your comments!  Xanga just isn't working for me anymore so I had to move.  Please, come by and say hello!

    Smiles, Cass

October 13, 2010

  • Tired of it!

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September 21, 2010

  • Madi Grace's 10th bday!

    The day BEFORE Madi Grace's birthday! :)

    On Sunday, Sept 19, Dad was able to get off so we could all celebrate Madi Grace's 10th birthday!!!  
    We celebrated a day early so we could all be together!  
    I think she loved it!
     Dad made Madi Grace's cake because she wanted a cheesecake ice cream cake.  No one around here makes them - so Dad to the rescue.  He added strawberries and made a strawberry syrup to go on top.  Oh, talk about DELICIOUS!!!!!! Mmmm!
     I love the look on her face here :)
     Yayyy!!  Good job!  Look at those cheeks!  So cute!!
    We love you Mae Mae!
    Daddy's tradition - Take a bite out of your cake with no hands or fork etc.. and get $5.  He loves it and the girls do too!  Oh my!
     Look at that face!  She is so precious and I love the smile with the cold ice cream, strawberry and cheesecake on her mouth! LOL!
     She chose "Alex" from Wizards of Waverly Place as her "theme!"
    Upclose of cake after pieces have been cut.
    Oh Honey!  You have no idea!  I wanted the whole thing!
     Another happy sister celebrating with Mae Mae!
     My slice - so you can see what it looks like!
    Yes, my hubby is amazing!
    This is her gift from Mommy & Daddy.
    She opened the ones from her sisters a few days before.
    I'll post those too when I post the ones she received from family on her birthday and since then.  :)   What's in there??
     "MAMA, DADDY!  I thought it was maybe that because I've been wanting it so bad!!  It's one of those tablets with a pen and the software.  Man, it's incredible!!!  I want one too!
    Madi Grace, part 2 will be coming quickly.  You are our precious angel and we love you so dearly.  Your tender heart and gentle spirit blesses all of us and others that are in your life.
    You are a TRUE BLESSING to all of us!
  • Madi's 10th Bday!!

    To read about Madi Grace's birthday, please go to:



  • I got it to open again, FINALLY!

    OK, I finally got this fixed by downloading firefox!  Whew!  I guess Internet Explorer was having issues. 

    So, I will be catching up on blogging now!  WOooooooooooooooooo HOOOoooooooooo!!!!!!!

July 18, 2010

  • Frustrated!

    I'm frustrated because with the new format I can no longer make the color behind my post pink.

    I also cannot delete my module where it says, "From My Heart" to get rid of the bottom blogring that apprently no longer exists AND causes me to have a smaller place to write and thus smaller pictures as well.

    Any help?

    THANKS!  Cass

  • Family Pictures in Texas on Friday, July 16th

    We went home from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday morning.

    We went in so we could see part of our family from PA.

    We had a great visit and fun playing with cousins!!!

    This was the picture of the entire Terry Family.

    You can see my girls and I towards the left.  (minus Hope :(   unfortunately)

    I'm the 4th adult from the left.  To the left of me is Madison, barely to the left of me is Sarah and down to the right of me is little Hannah Joy!  We had such a great time getting pictures made!  There's so many more to come!  When the photographer, April Graves, gets us the pics in I will post more.  This one is from a visitor we had that took some with his camera.  :)

    This is my Nanny and her Grandchildren :)

    She is in the middle and I am the first adult to the right of her.

    All the pictures were taken out at my Mom & Dad's house.

    It's SOOOOOOOO beautiful out there!

    Our visit was quick and short but very wonderful!

    Smiles, Cassidy

July 11, 2010

  • HELP!


    I cannot figure out this new way of blogging!

    It's giving me a total different editor even when I switch to old.

    :(   Cass

June 5, 2010

  • We made it!

    We made it to Richardson, ackk!

    We got here Tuesday, 4 days ago...

    I really miss my MOM & DAD and truthfully EVERYONE!

    I just bonded so closely with my Mom that it's super hard to be away from her....

    At least this time I am close enough to drive in.

    We spent today out in the pool for about 3 hours or so and Madi Grace has a pink face!

    I made sure to cover the girls in sunscreen but she's so fair skinned that she still got some pink!

    Xanga is down so I can't put up a background or add any pics  :(

    xoxox  Cass

May 5, 2010

  • Mondays are "GiGi Days"

    Since we first got here, Mom has declared that Mondays (her day off) are "GiGi Days!"

    Of course neither the girls or I complained one bit about that - that was exciting news!

    Most Mondays they bake a new cake together.. then one Monday they planted flowers, another Monday they've done other fun things.  But, most Mondays they do bake cakes!

    So, here they are baking a cake..

    (To me, Mom is beautiful even when she first wakes up and is wearing her robe!)


    She let the girls know THEY would get to do the whole cake!

    They were SO excited because when I bake with them..  I can't help but do part of it.


    Hannah is still kind of doing her hiding thing that she does when she first gets up and Mommy gets her dressed and ready for the day.


    OK, Sweet Sarah Faith, we new two eggs.


    GiGi asked if they get to crack the eggs.  Madi normally does but not Sarah.

    Well, that wouldn't work one bit for GiGi.

    So, here you can see that Sweet Sarah is cracking her egg and did a perfect job!


    My little Angel Madi did hers like a PRO!


    Sarah is getting the oil...


    Madison is measuring the water...

    (Mom and Madi are giggling because Madi's trying so hard not to spill one drop!)


    Mom teaches them how to use a mixer.

    (they had never used one before)

    This mixer is older than *I* am!  Mom got it in her first wedding shower.  I'm 32 years old so she obviously takes good care of her stuff.  Plus, I think that things were made better "back then."


    Sarah Faith is mixing!  FUN!!!!!


    .....while Madi Grace greases the bundt pan...


    Madi Grace's turn!


    OK, GiGi couldn't leave my itsy bitsy girl out!

    So she and Hannah worked together to fill the bundt pan.


    It's hard to see but Hannah is scraping it into the pan with my Mom.


    GiGi taught the girls to wash dishes.  (something I have never done because I struggle about making them do chores other than cleaning their own room and bathroom and folding towels.)

    They had a BLAST doing this!


    While they waited, they played a game called Farmville.


    Ta Dahhhh!!  The cake is finished!  It tasted delicious!

    Thank you, GiGi, for ALL of our BLESSED Mondays with YOU!

    A thankful mommy and daughter, Cass :)