May 5, 2010

  • Mondays are “GiGi Days”

    Since we first got here, Mom has declared that Mondays (her day off) are “GiGi Days!”

    Of course neither the girls or I complained one bit about that – that was exciting news!

    Most Mondays they bake a new cake together.. then one Monday they planted flowers, another Monday they’ve done other fun things.  But, most Mondays they do bake cakes!

    So, here they are baking a cake..

    (To me, Mom is beautiful even when she first wakes up and is wearing her robe!)


    She let the girls know THEY would get to do the whole cake!

    They were SO excited because when I bake with them..  I can’t help but do part of it.


    Hannah is still kind of doing her hiding thing that she does when she first gets up and Mommy gets her dressed and ready for the day.


    OK, Sweet Sarah Faith, we new two eggs.


    GiGi asked if they get to crack the eggs.  Madi normally does but not Sarah.

    Well, that wouldn’t work one bit for GiGi.

    So, here you can see that Sweet Sarah is cracking her egg and did a perfect job!


    My little Angel Madi did hers like a PRO!


    Sarah is getting the oil…


    Madison is measuring the water…

    (Mom and Madi are giggling because Madi’s trying so hard not to spill one drop!)


    Mom teaches them how to use a mixer.

    (they had never used one before)

    This mixer is older than *I* am!  Mom got it in her first wedding shower.  I’m 32 years old so she obviously takes good care of her stuff.  Plus, I think that things were made better “back then.”


    Sarah Faith is mixing!  FUN!!!!!


    …..while Madi Grace greases the bundt pan…


    Madi Grace’s turn!


    OK, GiGi couldn’t leave my itsy bitsy girl out!

    So she and Hannah worked together to fill the bundt pan.


    It’s hard to see but Hannah is scraping it into the pan with my Mom.


    GiGi taught the girls to wash dishes.  (something I have never done because I struggle about making them do chores other than cleaning their own room and bathroom and folding towels.)

    They had a BLAST doing this!


    While they waited, they played a game called Farmville.


    Ta Dahhhh!!  The cake is finished!  It tasted delicious!

    Thank you, GiGi, for ALL of our BLESSED Mondays with YOU!

    A thankful mommy and daughter, Cass :)

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  • How fun for the girls to get to spend time with your mom like that.  The cake looks great.  Your mom is lovely.  So, does this mean that you will not be moving into the house that you were about to close on?  I thought I read that you were moving again?

  • Great post Cassidy.
    Lovely to see the girls all cooking from scratch with their granmother.
    Bet the cakes tasted great

  • Hey, I don’t know if you’d ever consider moving your blog to Blogspot, but I saw a cool feature today that I thought might interest you.  They have a site that will take your blog one year at a time, and make it into a lovely book for you.  You pick the picture for the cover, which posts you want or all of them.  I know you wanted this blog to be a memory “book” for your girls, and just thought you might like that option.  I really like it over there much better than Xanga…there are so many cool options.  I don’t know if Xanga has a way to make the books or not.  One of my friends on Blogspot just got her 2009 book today, and it looks really neat.  I may do that too.  Just thought I’d share that with you…


  • This is the site for the blog books. I think it will only do them for WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad.  I don’t pay anything to blog on Blogger.  There are all kinds of sites that make really fun backgrounds for blogger too.  I think it’s easier to post there, because I do it on Windows Live Writer, and it publishes right to my blog.  I can post pictures easier that way, and change the sizes of them if I want.  I think you would have to move your posts over individually to Blogspot, and that would be tedious, but there might be an easier way.  I’ve never done it, so I’m not sure.

  • Thank you ladies :)

    Raewyn, the girls are wanting to penpal again.  Sound okay?  Btw, cooking “from scratch” with my Mom (GiGi) is using a cake from a box where you add the oil, water and eggs.  LOL!  :)   OK so I’m the same way!  When we get moved into a house I am going to have to find a recipe or hit you up for one for a “FROM SCRATCH” cake!    xoxox

    Kath, I’m really interested in the books.  I am going to check out that site.  We had to break the contract on our house because Kenny got called out again- but THIS TIME it is PERMANENT!!!  So, NO MORE TRAVELING and we are 2 1/2 hrs from Mom’s driveway!  The girls miss Morgan.  xoxoxo  Cass

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