Month: November 2009

  • In Honor of my Popaw, Lester Flanery.

    My Popaw went to be with Jesus on October 15th, 2009.

    His name was Lester Flanery.  He was a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, veteran of the army, a wonderful and loving soul that was always smiling and ready to “whoop” anybody at Dominoes!  He and my grandmother, Peppy (Peggy Flanery) were married all my life and were so good to each other.  Boy they could make you laugh with their play fussing.  Peppy took good care of Popaw up through his last breath on this earth.

    While home on our visit to Texas, we went by to spend some time with them, and to get some good pictures.  :)


    Yes I look terrible but look that the smile on his face – even his cheek bones are shining as he smiles!


    I knew I could get a smile!


    But I got something even more!  I got a kiss on the cheek too!!!

    Little did I know at this time that it would be our last time together on earth.


    Popaw, Peppy & Me.


    Popaw, Peppy, Me and their great grandchildren!  (my babies!)


    Peppy & Me.  I love her very dearly like Popaw.

    Peppy spoiled me growing up.  I could share lots of stories!

    Peppy used to make me weight watcher ice cream so often because I loved it.  After church on Sundays when I went to church with them I always came back to lunch to find my favorite – a banana pudding!  The preacher would always tease me as we were leaving that he was going to get there first and eat it all.  He ate lunch after church there with us a lot.

    Popaw and I used to play barbies all the time.  He’d sit in the floor with me and it was always the same scenerio.  His barbie would steal my barbie’s boyfriend and our barbies would have an all out fight beating each other up!  LOL!  It’s so funny the times we had.


    Popaw and “Baby” his beloved dog!  My Dad and Bonus Mom gave him the dog and he loved it very much.  He was so proud of that dog while I was out there I could see it for myself.  Peppy still has Baby but I bet Baby loves Peppy but I bet Baby misses Popaw!


    See the pride in his eyes … he’s got his little Baby right beside him!

    I wish I could see him one more time, hear his voice one more time, make one more memory with him, somehow turn back the clock.

    My Dad was so incredibly good to his dad, Popaw.  He spent nearly every day with him playing dominoes and such.  He owns several businesses including 2? or 3? tire shops.  Popaw came to one of them constantly so my Dad (loving his Daddy so much and wanting him to feel special and needed etc….) bought him a big nice coat that said, “Flanery Tire; Head of Security; Lester Flanery.”  He said Popaw was so proud of that and really did tell him every little thing that went on up there.  I bet that made him feel so special because he didn’t have to get to that point in old age where you feel you are no longer of any value and no longer needed.  I treasure my Dad’s heart.


    Sweet Peppy and 3 of her great grands!


    Popaw from his Army Days!  Good lookin’ Fella!


    On the left is my Popaw’s brother and his wife, then me, then Popaw and Peppy.

    (Popaw has other siblings as well)


    ALL of us that day!


    I love this picture because as I was taking a picture of Sarah with Peppy, you can see Popaw has reached over to hold Sarah’s hand.  I love that.


    This is a picture I will remember forever.  I’ve seen it for years.  This is a picture of Claude (left) and Popaw (right).  They were cousins but were raised together so they were truly like brothers.  Claude was a wonderful and kind man.  I loved him very much.  He and Popaw used to play dominoes all the time and boy! they were competitive…all in fun.  I love this picture of the two of them and I hope they are in heaven enjoying Jesus and being together again!!!

    People spend most of your life with you and then they are gone.  It’s hard, even if you know they are with Jesus.  I want to be selfish and keep them here.  I haven’t blogged in such a long time and this is one of several reasons.  I will share more but I’ve shared all I can handle for tonight.

    Please pray for my Peppy that God will walk with her through her grieving and that she will be okay and that my family will keep hold of her and loving and spending time with her.  I know my Dad and my sisters and I will.  Please also pray for my Dad who I always thought was practically my Popaw’s best friend.  My Dad can be tough but not when it comes to family and losing someone.  He has a very tender heart then.  I asked him to kiss Popaw’s cheek for me and he did – twice.  I was so and am so grateful for that since I could not be there.  My Dad also called me all during that time and I was welcomed to call him at any point and he kept me up to date on every single thing so I do have some closure because that was almost like being there, not exactly, but almost!  I owe my Dad for that gift always.

    Please also keep Popaw’s other children, their spouses, grand kids, great grands, siblings, etc…… in your prayers as we miss him.

    Popaw, you were a good man.  I will see you again one day and spend paradise there and you will already be there when I make it there!

    May God pour His peace over every person still hurting and sad.

    We love you, Popaw.

    … your grand daughter…  Cassidy