July 18, 2010

  • Family Pictures in Texas on Friday, July 16th

    We went home from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday morning.

    We went in so we could see part of our family from PA.

    We had a great visit and fun playing with cousins!!!

    This was the picture of the entire Terry Family.

    You can see my girls and I towards the left.  (minus Hope :(   unfortunately)

    I’m the 4th adult from the left.  To the left of me is Madison, barely to the left of me is Sarah and down to the right of me is little Hannah Joy!  We had such a great time getting pictures made!  There’s so many more to come!  When the photographer, April Graves, gets us the pics in I will post more.  This one is from a visitor we had that took some with his camera.  :)

    This is my Nanny and her Grandchildren :)

    She is in the middle and I am the first adult to the right of her.

    All the pictures were taken out at my Mom & Dad’s house.

    It’s SOOOOOOOO beautiful out there!

    Our visit was quick and short but very wonderful!

    Smiles, Cassidy

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