June 5, 2010

  • We made it!

    We made it to Richardson, ackk!

    We got here Tuesday, 4 days ago…

    I really miss my MOM & DAD and truthfully EVERYONE!

    I just bonded so closely with my Mom that it’s super hard to be away from her….

    At least this time I am close enough to drive in.

    We spent today out in the pool for about 3 hours or so and Madi Grace has a pink face!

    I made sure to cover the girls in sunscreen but she’s so fair skinned that she still got some pink!

    Xanga is down so I can’t put up a background or add any pics  :(

    xoxox  Cass

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  • Glad to hear you have made it safely.
    Take care and keep in touch eh xxxx

  • I sent you an email ;)

  • Hey there…did you still want your domain name thankfulmommy.com ??? I haven’t heard from you in ages and I’m needing to close out my domain name account and your name is still in my account :) I don’t want you to lose it, so I need to get it transferred over to you. I hope that you are okay. I’ve emailed and left comments and I feel lost when I don’t hear anything back. Praying that you are okay.

  • I still can’t reach you and I’ve made myself sick with worry :( I really hope that you are okay. Life here is moving along…some days harder than others, but thankfully, overall doing well…the Lord does provide. As I mentioned in the comment above, I’m getting rid of my domain name stuff….just can’t afford to keep it all up with my husband’s pay cuts, my car needing repairs, children needing vision,dental work, ….blah, blah..it’s all piling up. Anywhoo….I’ve contacted godaddy and we’re trying to change it over to the account that you have for grace4mommies. You should’ve received an email to an aol account that’s on file with them. I just don’t want you to lose it if you even still want it. I’ve gotta go. We are leaving town and won’t be home for a while. I will just continue to pray that you are alright.

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