Month: September 2010

  • Madi Grace’s 10th bday!

    The day BEFORE Madi Grace’s birthday! :)

    On Sunday, Sept 19, Dad was able to get off so we could all celebrate Madi Grace’s 10th birthday!!!  
    We celebrated a day early so we could all be together!  
    I think she loved it!
     Dad made Madi Grace’s cake because she wanted a cheesecake ice cream cake.  No one around here makes them – so Dad to the rescue.  He added strawberries and made a strawberry syrup to go on top.  Oh, talk about DELICIOUS!!!!!! Mmmm!
     I love the look on her face here :)
     Yayyy!!  Good job!  Look at those cheeks!  So cute!!
    We love you Mae Mae!
    Daddy’s tradition – Take a bite out of your cake with no hands or fork etc.. and get $5.  He loves it and the girls do too!  Oh my!
     Look at that face!  She is so precious and I love the smile with the cold ice cream, strawberry and cheesecake on her mouth! LOL!
     She chose "Alex" from Wizards of Waverly Place as her "theme!"
    Upclose of cake after pieces have been cut.
    Oh Honey!  You have no idea!  I wanted the whole thing!
     Another happy sister celebrating with Mae Mae!
     My slice – so you can see what it looks like!
    Yes, my hubby is amazing!
    This is her gift from Mommy & Daddy.
    She opened the ones from her sisters a few days before.
    I’ll post those too when I post the ones she received from family on her birthday and since then.  :)   What’s in there??
     "MAMA, DADDY!  I thought it was maybe that because I’ve been wanting it so bad!!  It’s one of those tablets with a pen and the software.  Man, it’s incredible!!!  I want one too!
    Madi Grace, part 2 will be coming quickly.  You are our precious angel and we love you so dearly.  Your tender heart and gentle spirit blesses all of us and others that are in your life.
    You are a TRUE BLESSING to all of us!
  • Madi’s 10th Bday!!

    To read about Madi Grace’s birthday, please go to:


  • I got it to open again, FINALLY!

    OK, I finally got this fixed by downloading firefox!  Whew!  I guess Internet Explorer was having issues. 

    So, I will be catching up on blogging now!  WOooooooooooooooooo HOOOoooooooooo!!!!!!!