Month: October 2009

  • Fall is coming along at our new home…

    This is what I worked on last night during my “relax” time after doing other work.

    I know it’s “uneven” and it’s not finished.

    I pulled out everything I have that is FALL themed from the last two years.

    Much of it has been given to me or come from the Dollar store..

    Today I am going by the Dollar Tree to find stuff to finish off the 2nd shelf on the right.





    Remember, when I showed these little polka dot pumpkins before I told you I got the idea from someone else.  I can’t remember who or I’d give them credit!  (SORRY)



    This was thrown together to “make something” to go there.

    It’s not the greatest but it’s an okay “filler.”



    I hope you all are enjoying bringing some FALL into your homes!

    My family has commented how much they love it!

    Smiles, Cass :)

  • Our First night in our New Place

    I have been so sick for the last couple of days but the movers came as scheduled and we got loaded, unloaded into the new apartment, then we sorted the bins to the appropriate rooms.

    I was exhausted and weak but I was set on getting at least my kitchen done before I went to bed.  The kitchen and dinner table, to me, are the heart of the home.  I wanted that done first.  (well, as I was also getting beds ready too!)

    Plus we are trying to budget so we needed to be able to fix our meals here asap.

    Well I got everything unloaded and put away then decorated.

    Here’s how it looks..


    This is on one wall :)   I love the sweet little picture and the beautiful angel came from my friend, Cathy!  (Thanks Cathy!)


    It says, “Friends are Angels on Earth.”

    Just beautiful!


    The front of the fridge.  Bella Grace’s announcement, a “Friends” magnet and a beautiful notepad are all that’s there.  So fresh.  (Thanks Cathy for the beautiful notepad!!)


    This is the upclose of the top of the notepad.

    Isn’t it pretty?!?  :)


    The right side of my kitchen counter top area…


    (adorable vintage looking sign came from Target for $2.50 in the Dollar Spot.)

    (The cute recipe box was in the dollar bin at Michaels – brought all this from the other apartment, of course)


    My little teacup set up.  I have always loved teacups and teapots.

    Plus there’s the beautiful trivet from my mother in law and our picture together.


    This candle was bought for $1 at Home Goods.

    I got it because it matches my dinnerware. 

    I love the stone on it and the etched glass saying, “renew.”


    My canisters and a cute little Hot Chocolate goodie I got at Home Goods for $2!

    Yep, I’m on a budget, got to shop cheap and only buy what I love!  :)


    It’s vintage looking and it has a happy little lady smiling big.

    It says, “Chocolate!  It’s like Men… the Richer the Better!”  LOL

    It came with a tiny chocolate grater inside and a mini whisk.

    Yes, I’m going to take it out of the package but I was trying to get things done the best I could.

    I’m going to frame the cardboard back because it has the same lady with the saying.


    Stove top… salt & pepper shakers and my spoon rest.


    My little plaque about a Mother’s Love above my stove.


    Love this :)   it’s hanging where you walk in the front door and head to the kitchen.

    It greets you there…


    complete right side of tiny kitchen…


    complete left side of tiny kitchen…


    Little wire “egg gathering” basket on top of fridge.

    I’m not sure how to fix it up but I loved it.

    any ideas?


    Snack time!




    The clock I made.  My picture is beside Hope’s only temporarily.

    I have to get another picture from her!  :)

    This way I have 2 of each girl..


    The girls bed, ready to snuggle in… but had to go grab the pillows, lol


    We went cheap on everything, like we even got $1 silverware.  (4 pieces for $1 and we got $8 worth)  But we have learned from apartments before that buying the very cheapest dishes does not pay off.  They chip so easily and break easy, especially with children.

    So we didn’t go all out expensive but got some more heavy duty, pretty ones.

    I love the polka dot bowls.  This is a picture of the box but the actual dishes have a bit more color to them.  They are sage green and white.


    This is what I did first thing this morning.

    The table cloth is vinyl so I can easily wipe it down.

    The fake flowers vase has seashells in the bottom of it that are gorgeous.

    I bought this when we first moved to Florida so it’s been in all of our places to live here.

    (used in all different areas of the house, lol)


    ..and I couldn’t resisit…. my Sweet Hannah Joy after her bath this afternoon.  :)

    Blessings, Cass

  • The day before we left I had our little Katie groomed.

    The place we adopted her from gives you one half price grooming.

    Since we were moving, I thought I should get that done.

    So, I did… and…

     Here she is!


    I love the short hair because I don’t feel like I’m snuggling a fur ball.

    I can cuddle with her much nicer this way!


    Tho they didn’t cut the front on her face short enough so I’ve been teasing that she is my little “bobble head” doggie the last 2 days, LOL :)

  • A Milestone for Hannah Joy

    Ohh she was excited as she saw her bed being moved into the big girls room!

    The extra bedroom is the play room.  (Madi and I want it to be her own room but Daddy says “no” for right now….)  We’ll see if he changes his mind, soon..


    She started off wanting in the big bed so we put Sarah and Hannah in the big bed.

    That gave Madi her own bed, she was pleased.


    That smile didn’t last long!!


    Here’s Madi Grace in the twin bed..


    What happened?  Well, Hannah’s bedding matches ours in our bedroom since her bed was in our room until now.  When she saw her quilt come in and be put on that bed she had a fit to get in that bed and I mean “RIGHT THEN!”

    Kenny said, “this is never going to work.”  I reminded him it took the other girls a few days to get used to not being in Mom and Dad’s room and it might for her too.  But, I doubted it because she LOVES to be in with her sisters!  :)


    So here she is in her twin bed.  Happy as a lark!

    She is getting a new comforter tho so her bedding will match theirs.

    I haven’t had time to decorate their room yet since this was our first night here!  LOL  :)


    I came back to check on her and she was konked out!


    So were the other two precious girls!


    and their movie wasn’t even finished!!

    Normally, it finishes and they want to restart it.

    After the big move I guess they were all exhausted, I sure was.

    Tho, I was busy as a bee unpacking and they were just playing!  LOL!  :)

    A long day, none the less..

    A milestone for Hannah.  She woke up happy this morning and came down the hallway calling, “Mama!” in a cheerful voice.  Madi Grace said she decided she actually likes the bigger bed better because it’s “more comfy.”  So it all worked out well..

    I got a good night’s sleep from working my tail off getting so much unpacked so I’m glad I was so exhausted I slept because for one I’ve been having insomnia again and for two I thought I might not sleep without Hannah being in the room.  She’s been there over  3 years!

    Happy Children makes me a Happy Mama!  :)

  • Little did I know, this would be bittersweet.

    This was our last night in our old apartment, no big deal.

    I went to bed and was looking at this beautiful “baby” as she slept so peacefully.

    I was tired but compelled to get up and go grab my camera.

    I really didn’t want to because I was tired but I just had this feeling I needed to preserve this moement.  She was just so peaceful and precious looking and I couldn’t resist.

    Little did I know it would be bittersweet…


    Hannah Joy has slept in our room since she was a tiny baby, just home from Children’s Hospital.  She had such a rough start in life and has been delayed in many ways.

    I know it made us where we are overprotective of her.

    Well, the bittersweet part is this…  that was her last night to be sleeping in our room.

    We had discussed that we might put Hannah in with her sisters when we moved but I said I wasn’t ready…  after Kenny thought about it he agreed.  End of subject.

    Well, last night as we unpacked and were getting moved in .. we decided to move her twin bed into their room.  She loves laying with them at night until we get her out for them to go to sleep and she was so excited in their room and well, we decided we would just try it.

    I went to bed with a heavy heart… yet with contentment in knowing how much Hannah was enjoying it.  She watched the movie in her bed and then she went right to sleep.

    I’m so glad I took that last picture of her with us that last night.

    Bittersweet but a milestone in the life of my “baby.”

    One Very thankful Mommy :) Cass

    (yes, I took pics of her in her new bed for the first night, those are coming)